The Isele-method is a conservative, local-osteopathic method to treat finger complaints, especially climber’s fingers. 

My Approach

Through my constant work with climbers over the last 10 years, it has become more and more natural to treat fingers and to develop my own method for doing so. In order to provide a scientific basis for the constantly evolving treatment method, I started a pilot study in 2016 and wrote my master thesis about the results on the following topic: “Treatment of finger problems in climbers with the local-osteopathic Isele-method: a Pilot study.”
At this point there is no similar method of conservative treatment of climbing indicated finger complaints.





1. Mädchenthrust
(3 classes of intensity)


2. Chopstick-technique

Isele Method Flexoren Lift

3. Flexor-lift

Summary of observations before and after treatment



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