Workshops & Lectures

I am a supporter of the lifelong learning. That’s why I do further education at regular intervals. 
And I also love to pass on my knowledge.


Lecture for Climbers and interested people

– Current overload and injury problems 
– Injury Prevention
– Balance Training
– Trends and tendincies in climbing training and prophylaxis
– Examples from 10 years of treating competitioners, e.g. top athlete Adam Ondra

Lecture for Coaches and Trainer

– Objective performance potential analysis
– Objective injury risk potential analysis

– Anatomy of fingers & complaints
– Injuries in competition sport and prophylaxis

Workshop for Coaches and Trainer

– Practical application of what was heard before

Upcoming Event

As soon as there is news, it will be announced here.

Previous Events

Previous Events

Handfest – ÖGHT Fachtagung
Insight into the Isele-method
29. – 30.09.2023, Vienna

IRCRA, Bern – International Climbing Congress
Insight into the Isele-method
07 – 10 of August, 2023

Escalada & Más, Peru – International Climbing Congress
Climbing Injury Prevention, Finger Injury Prevention & Treatment
20 – 23 of October, 2022

62. Kongress der DGH & 26. Kongress der DAHTH
Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, Topic: Isele-method
06 – 08 of October, 2022

Escalada & Más, Peru – International Online Climbing Congress
Injury Prevention in Climbing
21st of March, 2021

Globetrotter – Lecture Nürnberg
Training und Prophylaxe im Klettersport
12th of March, 2020

Climbing Physios Meeting Tokyo
ICCTA Vol. 3 – International Conservative Climbing Treatment Assembly
16th of August, 2019

GOTS Congress Salzburg
Lecture on the topic of the support of top athletes in climbing
27th – 29th of June, 2019

Escalada y más Peru
Workshops and lectures: How to feel good as a climber, Injury prevention, training, Isele-Method etc.
27th – 29th of March, 2019

DAV Kletterzentrum Freiburg im Breisgau
How to feel good as a climber – Training und Prophylaxe im Klettersport
16th of November, 2018

Dynochrom Frankfurt
How to feel good as a climber – Injury prevention in climbing
26th of May, 2018

Tenerife Climbing House
How to feel good as a climber – Injury prevention in climbing
25th of February, 2018

Bundessportakademie Innsbruck – Federal Sports Academy (KI Innsbruck)
Prophylaxis in Sport Climbing for Instructor Top Sport 
15th of December, 2017

LÖBloc, Die Boulderhalle
Hand & Fuß mit Klaus Isele, Workshop & Quick Fix
25th of November, 2017

DOSB Sport Congress Vienna
Supporting Top Athletes in Climbing 
17th of November, 2017

Olympic Centre Austria, Dornbirn
Taping Pro and Contra for Trainer
24th of May, 2017

Steinblock Boulderhalle, Rankweil
Injury prevention in climbing
5th of April, 2017

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Voices of former participants:

Hannes Huch

Hannes Huch



“Klaus’ Vortrag in Nürnberg war vor allem eines: direkt aus dem Leben und randvoll mit spannenden Anekdoten aus der Zusammenarbeit mit Spitzen-Athleten. Am meisten blieb bei mir das coole Experiment mit der Haribo-Gummischlange hängen. Ich gelobe jetzt auch immer zwei Minuten zu dehnen 🙂 Beide Daumen hoch!”

Klaus’ lecture in Nürnberg was one thing above all: straight out of life and brimming with exciting anecdotes from working with top athletes. Most of all I got stuck with the cool experiment with the Haribo rubber snake. I now also vow two minutes to stretch 🙂 Both thumbs up!”

Dipl. Fotodesigner, Climber, Kreativbüro Hett / Huch


Jimmy Morales

Jimmy Morales

Workshop Organizer


“In march 2019, we organized a workshop on Prevention of Injuries in Climbing with Klaus in Lima, Peru. Among the participants, we had coaches, athletes and physiotherapists from Peru, Colombia and Ecuador. During the workshop, he explained with very interesting details, both from the point of view of his studies and of his practical experience treating elite climbers, how to better train to prevent injuries, how to detect them correctly and how to treat them adequately. The highlight of the course was the Isele method, which he showed to us treating some of the athletes present.

He left the participants very motivated with all the interesting information he gave us and we are looking forward to have him again. It is very enriching to have someone with his experience come all the way to share his knowledge with us!

Escalada y Mas