So that was it. 20 days in Norway are over, we left Flatanger and are back home already. This time my partner Anneliese and my son Lui-Jakob accompanied me. The time we had was great! (see photos below)

Unfortunately it was not too successful for Adam and his Project Hard. In the beginning he was in an extremely good shape, together we worked precisely on certain moves, but after a view days he got sick. And being ill for some time means it takes time to gain the strength and power again.
At the same time a camera crew was around, journalists came and left again, which doesn’t lower the pressure probably.

Regarding my second passion – fishing: I love it there – despite the fact that Adam caught two salmon and I lost two! 😉
We were eating fresh fish almost every day. This was just awesome. So tasty…

Therapeutical thoughts:

What can you do when your athlete is sick? You wait and let him heal up for 100 percent, in order not to risk anything going in a wrong direction. Example: If you “only” had a flu, start with your training routine too early (when you aren’t completely cured), it can infect your heart. In the end health is always the biggest value and part of my job is maintaining that.
The other part is focusing on not to loose too much of the performance. But well, here it’s getting tricky right? Adam can not do his exercises, with the exception of his stretching (one thing he kept doing). So what can you do? Your brain is the boss. We worked on not loosing his neurological patterns, activating his movement engrams (see video). Without any weight of course. But therein lies the other possible little thing you can do, in order not to loose too much of the specific built up skills.

To get to know the person you work with is the key, especially when working together so closely. I enjoyed it a lot to spend my energy only on one athlete this time. Considering the specific exercises I think we are about to enter a certain stage, right now I am trying to figure out whether to push him a bit further or not. We’ll see and I’ll let you know.



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